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As all we know Narmada is one of the 7 holy river in India, and also one of the mystic river in India. The Narmada Temple at Digha is also a very mystic temple. Mr Aloke Kumar Adhya one of the founder of this temple at Barrister Colony Digha allowed me to stay their ashram for one night. I am really grateful to him.


This temple is nearest to old Digha and very near to ‘Digha Mohona‘. You will get TukTuk and e-rickshaw from Old Digha to reach the temple. You have to tell the driver that, you will go ‘Barrister Colony Narmada Temple‘.

Mr Aloke Kumar Adhya is also a traveler for different spiritual places in India. He traveled a lot and

completed Kailash Manas Sarovar also. He wrote so many books on his travel in his mother tongue Bengali. 

I reached Digha in the early morning and went to the temple around 7.30 AM when the temple is open for the everyday puja. They allowed me a room at the ground floor of the temple ashram. After the puja , I was in the meditation at the temple. The awesome feeling I can’t express in language. In the evening also the same thing happened.

The dinner was served around 9.30 PM. The local area became very silent around 10.30 PM. I was in meditation suddenly feel the different vibration.

Rudraksh Tree in the Temple Campus

I came out from the meditation. A feeling of bliss and happiness engulfs me. I felt that the energy is moving from one place to another. I came out from the room to the adjacent balcony and started to chant mentally the beej mantra of holy mother. Almost two hours I felt the same feeling. I was speechless. That experience cannot be express in language only one person can experience it.

This Narmada Temple at Digha is a really mystic temple. Because you will be able to feel the vibration if you little bit sensitive. If your sensitivity is in higher degree, you will be able to feel the movement of holy mother at night in the adjacent garden and the Rewa Kund or Narmada Kund of the temple area. You can be able to feel the sound of ankle bells at night.

Everyday morning and evening the daily puja is their done by the local priest. It is really amazing especially the aarti of the holy mother. The people who are taking care of this temple are very cordial. They arranged food for me during at night.

So next time when you plan for Digha please plan for this mystic temple.

Har Narmade Har


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