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Sikharam at Srisailam

According to the Skanda Purana, the below-mentioned sloka the one who sees SriSaila Sikharam is relieved off rebirth.

“SriSaila Sikharam Dhrushtva, Punar Janmam NaVidhyate”

This is a point around 8 km from the temple at a height of 2830 feet above the mean sea level. This is the highest peak of Srisailam Hills. Gopura Kalasam will be visible for people who don’t have the rebirth.


There is a temple dedicated to Sri Veera Shikara Swamy and locally known as Sikhareswara Swamy. This temple was constructed by the Reddy Kings in the year 1398 AD.

During the medieval times, this spot was the centre for many secret sects of Shaivism. Till date there are few rituals are performed in the cave-like chambers which can be seen even today. I have seen some Aghori Sadhu and few Shaiva Sadhu.

I was some curiosity about the Aghori Sadhus and their Sadhanas, so I was talked with them. That discussion I will explain in my travel story on Srisailam.


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