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Bhramaramba  Devi

The Bhramaramba  Devi or Bhramarambika or Bhamri Devi Temple in Srisailam is one of the eighteen Maha Shakti Peethas.

Shivaparshvasthita mata shrishaile shubhapithake|

Bhramaramba mahadevi karunarasavikshana||

Bhramarambha (Bhramari Devi) means the Mother of Black Bees. The legend is that a demon named Arunasura ruled the whole world. He performed Tapasya chanting The Gayatri Mantra. for a very long time and pleased Lord Brahma. At first, he asked for the boon of immortality, but Brahma unable to give that but Brahma gave the boon that he will not be killed by any two-footed or four-footed creature. With this wish of Arunasura, Devathas were worried and prayed to  Adi Shakti. She appeared and told, Arunasura is her devote and can’t be killed unless he stops worshiping her.

As per the plan of Devathas, Brihaspathi, the Devaguru meets Arunasura. The demon wondered and asked Brihaspathi the reason for his visit. Brihaspathi told him that, as both of them worship the same deity, the Gayatri, there is no wonder if he meets him. Arunaasura felt ashamed of himself for worshiping Gayatri, who is also being worshiped by Devathas and stopped worshiping her. With this Adi Shakti became angry and took the form of Bramari / Bramarambika. She created innumerable bees, which have six legs. These bees killed Arunaasura and destroyed his army.

This is one of the eighteen Shaktipeeth or Satipeeth. Goddess Bramarambika is one of the manifestations of Goddess Shakti.  The Greeva (Neck) of Devi fell here. You can hear the buzzing of a bee through a tiny hole in the Bramaramba temple.

Here in the temple Grabha Griha the idol of Bhramaramba is in the form of Maha Lakshmi, and the idol of Mata Lopamudra, wife of Maharshi Agastya is present here. A Sri Yantra also placed here.  I did Srividya Sadhana here for quite a long time. In front of the Temple there is a no place but adjacent to the temple there is a  nice place to sit and do Sadhana. In my three days stay ay Srisailam every day I used to be there for a long time Srividya Sadhna. It’s a bliss for any Sadhak.

A general information about Srividya I have mentioned from Wikipedia. But Srividya can only you get from a Specific Siddha Guru. This is the highest Sadhna in the universe.   

Photo Courtesy – http://www.srisailamonline.com


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