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One of the beautiful and most significant place in Srisailam. A place for long time meditation. It is located around 4.5Km from Srisailam temple. According to the tradition at this place, Lord Siva appeared to a potter devotee in Atika (piece of Pot) and hence named as Atikeswaram and later it became Hatakeswaram. There is a temple dedicated to Sri Hatakeswara Swamy and is a stone structure datable to 11th-13th Centuries A.D.


It is said that Bhagawan Adi-Shankara Bhagavatpada performed a long penance in this beautiful spot. Here he composed the Shivananda Lahari. In this context, I would like to say that, Bhagawan Adishankara also wrote Soundriya Lahari for Holy Mother. On the main road towards Srisailam Temple, there is a statue of Bhagawan Adishankara.

The spot is located in a narrow valley approachable by the flight of 160 steps. There is a small temple of Adi-Shankara Bhagavatpada and Sarada Devi. Regular Puja offered to the temple. When I reached there for the Priest(Pujari) doing puja.

From that small valley, you will get a beautiful scene in the surrounding. The subterranean streams of two pure water flow coming from two spots. These flows of water called Phaladhara and Panchadhara. The Skanda Purana describes the flow as Bhogavathi and it joins in the river Krishna.


According to locals, these streams signify their origin from the forehead of God Shiva, the Phaladhara (Phala = forehead, dhara = Stream) and denote the five aspects of Pancha Tattva (Five elements), the Panchadhara (Pancha = five, dhara = Stream). The water from this stream flows uninterrupted in all the seasons.

In this place, I reached after the morning darshan of Lord Mallikarjuna Swamy for my Sadhna. That is around 10.30 am. After invocation of my Guru Bhagawan Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji and Sidhha Gurumandala had started chanting the beej mantra in my mind within a few minute, I was in a very deep state of meditation. Feeling a huge energy flow from my Sahasrahara to Muladhara. My entire body was vibrating. I was a complete feeling of happiness. I don’t know how long it was like that. When I came out from this blissful state, it was 3.30pm. I have enjoyed this moment so much. Hope I will able to write my Srisailam Travel Story in details, there I will surely mention all the mystical experiences happened during that visit.

Shivananda Lahari

Bhagawan Adi-Shankara is a great Advaita Philosopher. Shivananda Lahari is a devotional hymn on Shiva, composed by Bhagawan Adi Shankara, in the 8th-century. It literary means “Wave of Auspicious Bliss.” It consists of one hundred stanzas of Sanskrit poetry in various chandas (metres). Bhagawan Adisankara wrote this devotional hymn when he was in Srisailam especially he was at Phaladhara-Panchadhara. For Shivananda Lahari I am posting a separately it may help Spiritual, Religious and Research people.


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