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Aum Gurave Namah. Before I start to write, I bow down with gratitude to the holy feet of Siddha Guru Atmananda Ji – my Guru Bhagwan. I bow down to Siddha Gurumandala and Parameshawar-Parameshwari.

Hi!, I am a Yogi, a Sadhak and this is my very first travel blog entry. Why am I considering travel? Travel is the way, the Marg; through that, I am trying to express the Incredible India.


I also try to explore through my this adventure about the Spiritual Tourism of India. I hope to share my journey to different places with you through my photos, videos, and stories! I will also share you my spiritual experiences during my journey in various holy places in entire India.

From my very childhood two questions continuously haunted me one is “Who am I?” and the other one is “Why I have come here?”.

At the age of 11, I started to read different books mainly to get this answer. But I measurably failed to know. ‘Bharat-er Sadhak’ (Sadhaks of India), Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita, Different Books on Swami Vivekananda ( Follow the links bellow the page) and much more. The only thing in later on stage I realised that only Guru could show me the righteous way. I will share my life experience in this regard in the different post.

I have always wanted to travel since I was little. My father used to tell me about his travel experiences mostly in Himalaya and Himalaya always pulling me with its magnificent beauty.

Backpacking is the very basic and primary concept by Indian Yogis, isn’t it? So you may say a Backpacker Yogi. Now travelers are mostly telling about Backpacking and in most of the travel blog I have seen that how to do your Backpacking Travel.

After attending my Guruji’s workshop on ‘Srividya Sadhana’ and ‘I am-Parajyoti Sadhana’ in June and then on September consecutively, I was a feeling to go out. Like a place where ancient Indian temple, or Jyotirlinga Temple or any Satipeeth or Shaktipith in India, where I can meditate for prolong time and feel the experience of experience.

I would plan to Srisailam – Kailash of South India. Finally, in the 1st week of November 2016, my plan was final, and I started 5th November towards Srisailam. And it was just not Srisailam; I made a complete plan to visit Dwadash Jyotirlinga (12 Jyotirlinga ) and 51 Sati Peeth or Shakti Peeth. I started researching on it. How to go, the cost, where to stay, how to plan my trip a lot more.

During this time suddenly one fine morning with a cup of tea I discovered the beautiful website, a travel blog Hippie in Heels. Rachel Jones a young American lady, a Globe Trotter staying in Goa India and giving excellent backpacking tips and excellently depicts her views, photos, and planning. I was spellbound. I am grateful to her for the friendly help.

I found excited to find my all right gear and to make my lightest backpack like a Yogi. But it’s not that I am only planning to travel India, some other places also there which I will disclose later on.
I don’t know why I plan to start from Srisailam; maybe this was the divine grace. Srisailam Journey details I will describe in my later post.

I hope my blog and photos inspire you. I will try my level best to give three types of information on that place, Travel experience, Spiritual and also Historical experience. Being a Yogi, I used to visit with a low budget, and I can show you how to go on a small budget. Please feel free to say hi! Ask me any travel questions you may have, and if you have any feedback about my site I’d love to hear it! Mail me at yogi@yogionmove.com

If you want to buy the following books please click on the image and go directly to Amazon book store from where I bought.

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda


Swami Vivekananda Series


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