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Digha – The Best Weekend Destination in West Bengal Digha is also know as Brighton of the East. Originally, there was a place called Beerkul, This name was referred the then Governor General of India, we came to know by a letter of  Warren Hastings letters (1780). It is a sea side beach of Bay of Bengal in East Midnapore, West Bengal and one of the most popular weekend destination. Though I went to go to Digha for two reason one Ma Narmada Temple and Chandaneswar Shiva Temple. Chandaneswar Shiva Temple though in Odisha but it is near by from Old Digha. Ma Narmada Temple or…

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Ma Bhabatarini Temple – Dakshineswar The magnificent Dakshineswar Kali Temple which is famous as Ma Bhabatarini Temple at Dakshineswar near by Kolkata (Calcutta). This is just not a temple in the 19th Century it was changed the then Bengal and also a part of Bengali Renaissance. Contemporary culture of Bengal changed immensely in that era considering the temple as a center of the focus. Being a yogi, I believe that, this temple and the master yogi of this temple able to convince people about spirituality instead of religion. It is not only a divine place but also a true spiritual place which…

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Kali – Kalighat Kolkata – The Major Shakti Peetha Vimala Pada Khandancha, Stana Khandancha Tarini (Tara Tarini), Kamakhya Yoni Khandancha, Mukha Khandancha Kalika (Kali) Anga Pratyanga Vishnu Chakra Kshate nacha…  (reference Kalika Purana and The Astashakti)   Hi friends as you know I am working on 52 Shakti Peetha along with 12 Jyotirlinga, so let’s go with me to Kolkata (Calcutta) for the great Kali temple. The Goddess Kalika of Kalighat Kali Temple (Kali Mandir) is one of the major Shakti Peetha in India. It’s very famous in local people as “Kalighat Maa Kali.” The name of the Goddess is…

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Hyderabad The city Hyderabad tour as a backpacker traveller. What shall I tell ‘A city of Biriyani’ or a ‘City of Pearl’ or ‘City of Nizam’ or ‘One of the fastest growing city in India’. Whatever you may tell it is a very old city in India. This is a historical city apart from a huge Movie Industry as well as one of the biggest IT hub in India. Near the Charminar and adjacent Gali (Lane) is full of different Pearl shops and there you will find the Churi (Bangles) in Telugu Gajulu. Both sides of the Main road you…

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Bhramaramba  Devi The Bhramaramba  Devi or Bhramarambika or Bhamri Devi Temple in Srisailam is one of the eighteen Maha Shakti Peethas. Shivaparshvasthita mata shrishaile shubhapithake| Bhramaramba mahadevi karunarasavikshana|| Bhramarambha (Bhramari Devi) means the Mother of Black Bees. The legend is that a demon named Arunasura ruled the whole world. He performed Tapasya chanting The Gayatri Mantra. for a very long time and pleased Lord Brahma. At first, he asked for the boon of immortality, but Brahma unable to give that but Brahma gave the boon that he will not be killed by any two-footed or four-footed creature. With this wish of Arunasura,…

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Sikharam at Srisailam According to the Skanda Purana, the below-mentioned sloka the one who sees SriSaila Sikharam is relieved off rebirth. “SriSaila Sikharam Dhrushtva, Punar Janmam NaVidhyate” This is a point around 8 km from the temple at a height of 2830 feet above the mean sea level. This is the highest peak of Srisailam Hills. Gopura Kalasam will be visible for people who don’t have the rebirth.   There is a temple dedicated to Sri Veera Shikara Swamy and locally known as Sikhareswara Swamy. This temple was constructed by the Reddy Kings in the year 1398 AD. During the medieval times,…

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Jyotirlinga Jyotirlinga represents Lord Shiva, where Lord Shiva manifested. Jyoti means Radiance and Linga represent the sign of Shiva. There are 12 Jyotirlinga in India which is called Dwadash Jyotirlinga. Though it is was written in many scriptures that there are 64 Jyotirlinga, but I have no data in this respect. May Siddhas know the details very well. These Jyotirlingas have tremendous power. All the Jyotirlingas Temple constructed in such a Geographical as well as astronomical points that there always flows a tremendous energy. So these all the places are energy vortex. What I believe that the Rishis and Sages or the…

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Phaladhara-Panchadhara One of the beautiful and most significant place in Srisailam. A place for long time meditation. It is located around 4.5Km from Srisailam temple. According to the tradition at this place, Lord Siva appeared to a potter devotee in Atika (piece of Pot) and hence named as Atikeswaram and later it became Hatakeswaram. There is a temple dedicated to Sri Hatakeswara Swamy and is a stone structure datable to 11th-13th Centuries A.D.   It is said that Bhagawan Adi-Shankara Bhagavatpada performed a long penance in this beautiful spot. Here he composed the Shivananda Lahari. In this context, I would…

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Shivananda Lahari As I mentioned in my Phaladhara-Panchadhara post, Bhagawan Adi-Shankara Bhagavatpada is a great Advaita Philosopher. Shivananda Lahari is a devotional hymn on Shiva, composed by Bhagawan Adi Shankara, in the 8th-century. It literary means “Wave of Auspicious Bliss.” It consists of one hundred stanzas of Sanskrit poetry in various chandas (metres). Bhagawan Adisankara wrote this devotional hymn when he was in Srisailam especially he was at Phaladhara-Panchadhara. I have found an excellent website where the entire Shivananda Lahari translated into English by Shri P.R.Ramachander. That only I have mentioned here. The work is superb.  

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Srisailam- The Kailash of South. Finally, I have completed my plan to visit 12 Jyotirling or Dwadash Jyotirling. Lord Mallikarjuna Swamy in Srisailam is my first one. This is the second Jyotirlinga after Somnath. ” श्रीशैल शिखर दृष्ट्वा पुनः जन्म न विद्यते । ” “śrīśaila śikhara dṛṣṭvā punaḥ janma na vidyate ।” As per our scriptures, it is said that, By seeing the śikhara or the peak of Srisailam, (one releases himself from the cycle of birth and death) one is not born again.” In Srisailam the name of Shiva is Mallikarjuna Swamy. In India, it is considered the Somnath…